About Us

About Us

K7 Consultants, a Proprietorship Firm, owned by Ms. Bhuvaneshwari started up their services Since 2009, we have catered 1700+ clients in the field of IT, Education, Engineering, E-Commerce, Health Care, Domestic, Retail and Wholesale sectors mainly in Coimbatore and Kongu belt and in and around Tamilnadu. A more focused approach!
K7 Consultants strive to bridge the gap between the company and job seekers. Understanding the potential value and importance of the clients is the secret behind the success story of K7. To cater to the needs of its clients K7 extended their supportive solutions in the field of business strategy, value partnership, and placement support. The perfect system in place!
K7 as an initiative towards global warming have insisted the candidates to plant a Neem tree to showcase their gratitude towards career opportunity. The most inspiring consulting fee charged towards the candidates is the plantation of a neem tree. A socially responsible firm!

What We Do


Create a career map and prospects for job seekers and facilitate quality and comfortable employment for needy to improve their lifestyle standards.


To scale up the potential job seekers to align with the industry needs and demands to the expected standards.


Timely Placements with Integrity, Technology-Driven Systematic Approach ...Efficient Integral Process, Committed workforce, Bridging the gap between Employer and Needy Jobseekers, Life-long association with Clients to support their success with quality Employment, Trustworthy candidates.
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How Do We Do

K7 consultants unite the most powerful and valuable women empowerment team as their task force. The collaborative and educative approach of the homemakers in the field of recruitment and hiring provide timely quality delivery to all the clients without any pitfall. K7 ensure the scalability of the team for consistent performance with a perfect match for its clients. K7 consultants have received the “Certificate of Appreciation - One of the proud selected company for the 25 fastest growing HR Consultants in India 2019 from Business Connect. K7 Consultants team is with highly proficient skills!